Monday, September 03, 2012

Ex Advertising Art Director Ted Cantu Gives Back To Metro Detroit Community, Non Profits And The People

Detroit, Michigan – The idea of doing community service may be a turn off to some and others may be confused by it. Popular self help gurus like Oprah, Anthony Robbins and Wayne Dyer often talk about the joys of giving back to the community but few actually do it. Ex advertising art director, Ted Cantu, is doing just that and is giving away free web sites, online marketing and press release assistance to nonprofit groups in Metro Detroit. This idea has also extended to individuals who are committed to doing something productive in the Metro Detroit community.

The idea has spread over a large scale mission to help five hundred causes. The working project is called, Detroit Hope 500 and Cantu has already started to work with local community oriented efforts including entertainment acts such as the Detroit Doors Tribute Band. Getting the word out about this band was important since it helps the Detroit Girls and Boys Club, The Humane Society, and the Ronald McDonald House. Cantu comes from the New York advertising scene and has been working in Metro Detroit since the events of 911.

“There are a lot of people who have great ideas in Metro Detroit. Many of them are cash poor and cannot extend the vision to help people because of expenses associated with online marketing. That is why this program exists. It doesn’t cost the nonprofit group anything. It is here to assist them to help people and causes in need in the city of Detroit.” says Ted Cantu. The areas of concentration include things like free websites, social media assistance, press releases, digital web video and more. The Detroit Hope 500 project is hoping to accommodate many different industries and causes that will help clothe the homeless, raise funds to assist with paying for heat and light bills during the winter months. Cantu will be looking for causes in need and will be assisting them with future online marketing efforts. About Detroit Hope 500:

Detroit Hope 500 offers resources for business owners such as search engine optimization, web video, press releases, social media, coupon promotion, viral marketing assistance and free customer generating tools.

Contact Information: Press Officer Tel: 248-631-9211

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