Thursday, September 08, 2011

Online Publisher Takes On A New Vision For Post 911 American Businesses

Detroit, Michigan – This Friday marks the 10th Anniversary or 911. The tragic and horrific events have forever changed the way America looks at itself and at the world at large. So much has happened to this country since then and you can feel the impact on the way business is done and how we contact one another. This is never been more so true in Michigan. In recent years Michigan has lost several outstanding news sources including The Ann Arbor News, Eccentric, and niche papers such as the Phenomenews. The distribution of essential news and advertising has reached a cliffhanger. Recently an online publisher is about to open the flood gates of opportunity.

Ted Cantu, an Ex-Art Director in advertising, sat in many Internet web studios prior the events of 911. He was part of the ill-fated “Dot Com Era” which was an age when search engine technology was yet in its infancy. As you may recall a lot of investment dollars from venture capital funding was fumbled and lost during this time period. As a result of that experience Cantu has led his team into developing web presence that works and delivers first page visibility on search engines. This is something many business owners have tried in vain to do over the years without paying a small fortune in paid search marketing.

Putting service based companies and professionals on page 1 of Google, Bing and Yahoo is only part of the big picture. A recent problem that has come up has centered around the effectiveness of direct mail. The U.S. Post Office is losing billions of dollars of revenue per year and there has been more participation on the Internet. The popular view of the clients that Cantu serves has been in favor of more aggressive campaigns on the Internet. They have expressed a great disinterest in the traditional media channels including billboards, radio, television, postage and newspapers. The client list includes doctors, home remodeling companies and other professional positions.

Cantu and his team have been developing direct contact with the right prospects online thanks to social media tools like Twitter, and Facebook. They have been creating lead generation through this type of intimate high touch environment. In addition, they are finding financing for their professional clientele to create more positive economic outcomes in Michigan.
To get more information on Cantu and Co. contact them at and at 248-631-9211.

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