Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its 2010 - and Ted Cantu Still Doesn't Have a Job - THANKS DETROIT !!!

A lot of guys would be P.O'd to be out of work this long. Lets face it folks, as far as work goes, I am a long lost memory. Added to the fact that there are NO JOBS IN MICHIGAN -- but I am actually pretty grateful.

In the grand scheme of things - I have actually profited from this. I predict in the next 10 years I will still be unemployed -- in fact I am counting on it. There are a number of top hitting companies on my resume that scare off potential bosses. You got the Big Six firms on there like EY, Arthur Andersen, and then Capital Records and WWF. This has got to send an HR person screaming at the top of their lungs.

They cannot afford me.

Detroit hasn't really been there for me once I crossed the line into super stardom. The companies are still kicking around low digits so I couldn't commit. The last advice a radio station gave me was that I was only worth a couple of grand a year.... I think it was around 15k total. He also advised that I should take the job.

But I had to agree to.. DISAGREE.

I know when I wake up tomorrow the phone will be dead. My agents have long left me and there are no fires to put out in corporate america at the 6 figure level. But that doesn't meant that I am out of action. You see - by 9 am tomorrow morning I am going to be generating some serious numbers.... from my modest office.

I can do this because I am wired to the gills online. I got so many potential business leads out there that it is a little scary. I got press releases, people on command and on speed dial that will not only bring me money when I need it but also connect me to bigger deals when I need it.

I can thank the Internet for that.

And my dear friends, I am only beginning.

Posted By Ted Cantu, (He Still Doesn't Have A Job!) and has a killer studio in Farmington Hills, Michigan and is planning his next wave of online money making!

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