Sunday, October 14, 2007

Setting Your World Stage - Who Are You OPTING IN?

When Entrepreneur Magazine published its historic Blog issue a year ago my colleagues barely blinked. It appeared that this whole concept of getting an instant following was a bit too lofty of a concept to really grab onto. But that did very little to disuade me. I was hooked.

The title read.... "Blogging For Dollars" and it literally had captured my imagination. This lead to a lot of companies fumbling around with this concept and many got it wrong. The many blogs that are out there do not take full advantage of the many tools that are out there. Worse they are not connected properly. The RSS feeds that are available are an enormous advantage over email. In fact, the whole thing is pretty inspiring.

Getting people to log onto your site is something of a challenge. Then waiting for them to OPT IN on your order form can be painstaikingly slow. The same thing works in the world of the Entrepreneur. You see a lot of them go for the hard sell in their blogs. This is a turn off.

The best way to get people to sign up for what your offering is to give away information. You can give away experience too. Write about things you have tried. Post testimonials. Remember that money is an energy. Its always moving. It loves speed. So you must offer value when you communicate about what you offer.

You will have much better response from the online world if you offer something for free. Think information and saving someone time. This is a huge concept for a lot of people due to the fact that everyone loves short cuts. Why do things the hard way?


Its easy to sell something to someone IF THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. That is why working your online marketing campaign has to have a certain degree of you giving information away. This is the one thing that a lot of marketers forget to do. They want to instantly sell you something without giving you a reason why.

The same way works offline. This is why so many MLM marketers are such a turn off. They pound their values over your head and insist that you buy their products. This can really repel your prospects.

Here are just a few things you can do to get to know new prospects:

* Offer information

* Save them time
* Take away some of their pain
* Offer proof
* Offer testimonials
* Show them proven techniques
* Use Video and Audio to prove your point....

That last bullet is very important. Remember that people by nature hate to read. There is a statistic out there that basically states that people hate to read and they are more people who prefer an audio or video message. Take that and use it. Digital web video now is a very good way to get someones attention.

The best part about that is that these will pop up as web site rankings. They will actually appear on Google and Yahoo as page listings. They will also enhance your rankings.....

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