Friday, October 26, 2007

MLM Online Marketers Kick Me In The Gut

"I'm setting up my retirement in six months!"
"I'm getting my second dream home in 8 months"
"I'm only doing this because my husband is a millionaire and I'm bored"

I hear it all.

And the more I hear the more amazed I am. Not that this type of talk is not amazing. Far from it. In fact I find the whole report very fascinating. But you see, I am a web guy first and foremost whether I like it or not. I can see right through these MLM sites. I know for a fact they hardly rank in their geo centric market place, (and I include real estate sites in this category).

I can read the code. And that is something you never want to fool around with from an SEO standpoint. They can tell when you are covering up or bluffing.

Still, I am amazed that these groups can get any action off of their sites whatsoever. I have come across some really BAD ones that are crammed with javascript and flash, (things that bots cannot even read when they index your site). I have seen a lot of poorly constructed sites that have no sign up window or explain the site very poorly from a search engine perspective. The keywords are great but they are often stuffed into the meta tag with no sense of what is right or wrong. I find this approach very terrifying.

Most of these sites are there for one reason only. They are there to show others how great they can be. They are selling the dream. And by the way that is one thing that you can sell over and over again even if you have nothing else to sell. Although its getting a bit tough to sell it these days with the ongoing war and humbling job scene. The "lifestyle" isn't enough to motivate as much as it could in the early 2000's.

I am baffled how people can buy into these business opportunities and get these sites that attract little traffic. Then when you add the number of restrictions that the individual has when it comes to marketing their products it gets even more unsettling. So for the most part because of the rules of whatever MLM group they are in these sites do nothing but sit out there. Sometimes people stumble upon them but this is becoming rare lately.

If too many of these sites show up in one area Google does a dance and these sites disappear overnight. The Jagger Dance of last summer proved that.

So who is fooling who here? It takes a lot to get noticed online and to remain visible. These sites just do not have what it takes.

Posted by Cantu on Oct. 26, 2007 at 10:52 PM

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