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Hey folks -- hopefully some of you out there got a chance to enjoy The DigitalLife conference in New York City at the Javits Center. This was held near the Chelsea neighborhood. It was from Sept. 27-30. Yours truly was there and took in the full spectacle.

This is the latest and greatest show featuring the best entertainment, video gaming, and technology. This was a big deal. If you ever been to the Javits Center then you know its about the size of an airport. It was filled with products from HP, Oovoo, Best Buy, Com One, Dell Inc, E-Sports Services, Digital Kidz Zone, Activision, Palm, Logitech and many more.

Personal Favorites
I got a kick out of seeing the eBay University and the Lord of the Rings gaming area. I even got a free copy of the Witch of Angmar on DVD and jammed out on the Full Sail digital drum kit. The new gaming environments were very engaging and the lines to participate were quite extensive. Still, the energy in the room was contagious. You had the immediate urge to try EVERYTHING once you walked in through the entrance gates.

** I especially liked the new HP computers with the extra large flat screen. These things were a bit clumsy to be portable upon first glance (?). But they were loaded with features and were very pleasing to the eye. I really got a kick out of seeing them up close. You could try most of the gadgets that were on display.

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Posted by Cantu on Oct. 1, 2007 at 8:48 PM. NYC, its good to be back !

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