Sunday, August 19, 2007


"The Only Thing Worse Than
Bad Marketing - Is A Total Lack Of Guts"

I walked out of the two star weekend hit, "Superbad" this weekend. It was a packed house and I was only into the first quarter of the film when it hit me.

The premise centered around two clueless doofuses, ( doofi ) who were constantly living in "reaction". They bounced around from one ridiculous situation to another like destinys football. There were plenty of Home Alone, reaction shots... AHHHHHHHHHHH etc. that plague so many genres of films today... no matter if its comedy, romance, drama and others.

How much of this can you take?

But that is not why I walked out.

There is a reward system in Hollywood thats for sure. Every film that was previewed had a similar reaction shot like this. The plots looked paper thin and my patience was nearly exhausted. It occured to me that American culture has not only supported this lame behavior but it can also sell out a packed movie house. Audiences were cheering, laughing and nearly fainting at these predictable jokes and reactions.

Finally, I blew up and stormed out......

I walked out because this type of behavior has seeped into a lot of business in America. There seems to even be a reward system in place for clueless behavior and people who live in constant reaction........ for example.

"You'll never guess what this guy did to me....."
"... it isn't my fault, because she was like WHATEVER, and I was like WHATEVER...."
".... i COULD get that promotion if only .... ( so and so ) would get off my back...."

This type of wimp behavior may prove to be profitable in a cube situation. You can always find a shoulder to cry on when things get to be too unbareable. There are HR offices waiting to listen to the daily soap box drama.

But this proves to be deadly behavior for entrepreneurs.

You are totally responsible for the good things that happen to you as well as the bad. You need to understand that in order to totally take advantage of the great opportunities in life you MUST STOP LIVING IN REACTION.


SO many times I talk to people who are not living with any type of wealth consciousness whatsoever. They more unconscious than anything else. The problem with relying on other people to fulfil the missing components in your business life is that you could be waiting... and WAITING for things to happen. You must be the total reason of the
CAUSE AND EFFECT in your life.
This also spills over into many other parts of your life. This can happen in relationships and matters of spirituality. Simply said... theres danger in not growing in any of these directions.

Master marketer JEFF PAUL, top student of Dan Kennedy, said it best.....

"There are people who are good at making excuses and there are those who are good at making money..... but you cannot be both"

I am sometimes amazed at how this type of lackluster behavior..... LACK CONSCIOUSNESS and living in REACTION tends to get rewarded. Films are made about these type of people. Office culture breeds this sort of whininess and anti hero aesthetic. And self depreciating speak is encouraged in dating circles.

Sadly, all of this tends to make big bucks and get human sympathy but for an entrepreneur this behavior should not be pursued. The ability to give your aggressors the upper hand is the kiss of death to money making conscious people. It does not fit into the wealth mode.

This type of behavior can come in the form of:

* Lame sales people
* Sloppy uplines
* Bad management
* Pit bosses gone haywire
* Control-a-maniacs
* The office Spaz

You want the five second?

When you get into a sticky situation don't lose your cool. Think aloud.. WHAT WOULD TRUMP DO? WHAT WOULD ANTHONY ROBBINS DO?


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