Friday, August 31, 2007

THE NEW COWARDS - Drug Companies Struggle For Popularity

The worst type of coward has shown its ugly head. In the age of RSS and subscription based content - drug companies are fearful that you will forget them. They are so afraid in fact that they are looking for new ways to stay afloat.


Off shore drug and pharmacy companies are terrified that you may forget them. They are traumatized that you will forget to buy their products. Instead of getting rejected in your SPAM box they turn to one of the last great resources left.

Spamming your web sites and blogs.

The companies who are pulling this cowardly act include:

* Viagra
* Male Enhancement
* Cialis
* Weight Loss
* Investment Ops

These unsavory companies single out blogs and web site forms that have no character protection on them. These companies use robots that scour through the web community looking for any place they can call home. They visit your site and fill out your comment section looking to advertise to you.

This type of behavior is absurd.

As anyone knows the response rate for something like this is very small. You may be batting one out of a thousand. So before any of you out there get any ideas please take note that this is very uneffective marketing.

WHAT BLOGS ARE AT RISK? has very good blog software. I actually like it due to its effectiveness. There are calendar features and many other smart attributes that go along with it. The only bad thing is that there is no text entry code for those who write entries. This means that any spam bot can come in and fill your inbox with gibberish.

TYPEPAD is a smart system. BLOGGER is a smart system too. It requires a live human being to fill out the forms on it in order to complete a submission. This is worth mentioning.

Spam bots can also penetrate your online ordering forms. They can get inside of your order forms on your ecommerce web sites. They will usually come in and order something for a dollar. They are testing your server to see if they can run stolen credit cards on it. You will get a sale listed for a buck and then the next thing you know you will get a notice from your ecommerce provider. You will get charged a $20 dollar fee from your ecommerce provider each time this happens. But there is a way you can strike back.

Make sure that your order forms have a text code on it to prevent spam bots from ordering. You can control this in your control panel on your online gateway.

Look, make it simple by asking your merchant account provider of the latest scams and how you can protect yourself. This is very important as cyber criminals are getting a little smarter with each passing day.

Ted Cantu posted this on Aug. 30, 2007 at 11:25 PM

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