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"What Color Are The Bricks In Your Prison?"

If you are talking about making serious money in this economic landslide get out of the cube! Yes, I invite you to stop thinking "outside the box" !! I encourage you to ditch the box - cube whatever you want to call it -- once and for all.

Most cube environments are nothing more than petting zoo's for 30 somethings. Its depressing and just God awful. But if you are totally wrapped up in the job environment then you might not see it.
A few good books out there will shatter your preconception about money and what it means. There is a lot of talk lately about the newly found, Laws of Attraction. But this in fact has been a serious study going back to the year 1911. There are even earlier writings about this if you have the time to research it.

This free flow of money and exchange of monetary means for goods and services relies on strong belief. It is created by forging trust between not only two parties but also joint ventures of monumental sizes. This is where you get all of the interesting relationship building. Once you hit this type of environment the office cubes seem a bit trivial.

In short, money is an energy!

Its empowered and disempowered by your own free will. Before I run the risk of confusing you let me explain this a bit further.....

Multi Level Companies Blow It - Most of the Time
Just last week I was invited to partake in a multi level company. I have had dealings with these types of organizations in the past and found them troubling. The emphasis is on making a ton of money with very little effort. Some people do very well with this type of set up and there are many different dynamics that come into play with this.
On one hand its kickback city. Everytime you sell something in your organization everyone in your downline gets a piece of it. If this happens enough times in a certain time period everyone in that organization wins. But hitting this type of consistency is hard. Not everyone gets it.

Perhaps most distracting is that this type of money making has little to do with traditional business. But to be fair the profit margins are really a lot smaller than what one would experience if they worked on their own. Most MLM groups run off a 30 percent profit margin. It takes a while to build up a substantial amount of money that you can actually live on.

They have a poor view of what money actually is. This is what made me look over these opportunities and seek out the Law of Attraction.

What Makes The Law of Attraction So Popular?
This was viewed upon by ABC television as something bad. In fact, it got so much attention from the network that it ran two specials dedicated to discredit its popularity. The network has more uplifting topics it would rather show the pubilc such as rape, murder, senseless comedies and war. Still, in spite of all the negative presss there is something integral about this Law.

One considers for a moment about its origin. These stem from a wide array of writings from Hinduism, Judaism and some of the earliest philosphophical - metaphysical teachings of its kind. If learning about the Vedas and ancient Sanskrit are not your thing then consider some of the more recent research. There was a lot of writings about this topic at the turn of the 20th century and in 1947.

There are writings about it centered around Kabbalah and the Zohar. These ancient Jewish texts are fascinating and go a lot deeper into the topic then one could imagine. This is the type of journalism that ABC should focus on. One would think a little responsibility would be well in order. But that didn't seen to be the case when I caught these two poorly produced broadcasts.

This became the basis for the book, "The Secret" and was recently brought to light by the powerful works of Joe Vitale, (marketing wunderkind).

As en entrepreneur you have a responsibility first to yourself. From there you have to decide what path you are going to take. Are you going to take the one that is broadcast to you daily by the press and the media? Or are you going to listen to your intuition? Becoming an entrepreneur is NOT THE SOLUTION FOR EVERYONE. It is a road filled with confusion, self doubt, blame and self loathing. You will make mistakes and mispend money on your climb to the top.

If you have the guts you will succeed. The best thing you can hope for is to be persistent. You will need to overcome objections and find that many of your biggest stumbling blocks are self induced. You must unlearn things that you have already learned. In this process I include a lot of things learned in college. This becomes true especially when you start to get into the real thick of your individual views of money.

** Be leery of lopsided political viewpoints that are created to smear your hopes and dreams. These messages are counter productive to the positive reasons one chooses to be an entrepreneur in the first place.

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