Friday, May 04, 2007

Dirty Direct Mail Secrets - REVIEW

"It Is Practically Astounding What You Can Send Through The U.S. Mail These Days"

You can throw postage on pretty much ANYTHING and get it to go through the U.S. mail. No joke. You should heed my advice and take this to the test. There is so much truth to this statement. You can literally put a stamp on anything and get it through the mail system. This list continues to astound and excite me......

At last glance there seems to be no set limit on how small or how big a postcard can be. The types of material they can be printed on continues to intrigue me as well. There are a lot of people out there who have never considered printing on an entire sheet of posterboard - front and back and putting a stamp on it and putting in the mailbox.

Why is that great?

This ONLY Works If You Write Solid Sales Copy

The only time you want to take a risk like this and get sales copy written -- on printed real estate that big is when.....

* You actually have something worth saying
* Your sales copy performs an entertaining function, (teaches, alerts etc.)
* Creates interest

* Stirs up excitement
* Supports urgency

But here is whats interesting. I have recieved promotional sales copy in strange packages over the last two years. I will only share with you THE STRANGEST OF THEM ALL....

The best was a bankers deposit bag with postage. Once you unzipped it there was a sales letter inside explaining what the offer was all about. I kid you not this thing was an honest to gosh bankers deposit bag. There was a real live postage stamp on it and it tops the list as being one of the more original things I've come across......

Out of disbelief this led me to take various containers that could hold sales letters to the post office for review. I usually do this during hours when there is the least amount of line traffic. I ask them if I can stuff a sales letter into this or that and put a stamp on it. Most of the times I have no problem with this.

Bottom line is that the post office loves money -- hands down.

So why not make yourself memorable?

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