Thursday, March 01, 2007

Redefining The Web: Post Venture Capital Years

In the early days of the era it was somewhat difficult to get all the elements in place. You had to get various programmers, talented people, strategy planners and get large host servers to create your own position online. Things have radically changed since then.

In fact, it is getting harder to get financed this time around. In a recent meeting with a venture capital group and money finders association in Michigan we learned the following. Not only was it getting more difficult to secure funds for new ventures but the dynamics of such have become even tighter. This firm gets 6 proposals that are sent in this venture capital firm only accepts 6 qualified applicants for the entire year.

The good news is that it no longer takes 120k + to get your off the ground. With all the template sites that are out there the ability to go out and create a variety of new sites is practically unlimited. There are built in search engines, google analytics and a multiple of calculators built into the software that can take a business straight to new heights.

The so called, "NEXT LEVEL" with animation and other fluffery is nice but the ability to attract and maintain customers is of utmost importance. There are other factors to consider as well..... Such as the ability to sell and distribute your products and create your own distribution channels. The back end of your overall marketing structure should be considered. This includes your strategy about how you intend to draw the indexing bots back to your site from the search engine - this falls into your seo plan.

The state of SEO in Michigan has been challenged with conventional means of getting top search engine rankings and ignoring new conventions that have received proven results -- in this case, podcasting. This is something that needs to be addressed at the deepest level. If any of these new upstarts are going to stand a chance at achieving a market - let alone -- sales.... Then the new wave of Interactive communication and ecommerce firms should accept these incredible innovations that are entering the marketplace. These include Web 2.0 tools and software that can enhance the overall users performance and bring back a secure market eager to partake in the consumer process.

This post was created by Ted Cantu on March 1, 2007 at 11:09 pm. Cantu writes for the Fascube network and has served as a direct response marketing expert and lives in Novi, Michigan.

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