Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sales Modeling - Closing Tactics

"SALES SUCCESS BEGINS WITH YOU: Here Is How To Proceed at the Negotiation Table"

On a recent podcast I displayed a little known tactic that has never known to fail. Closing the deal on any new piece of business can always be at best unpredictable. You will not win every negotiation on the closing table but there are two things that can help.

1. Sales Copy
Your sales copy should be doing the sales job for you. When you are dealing with creating your sales letter one must afix a lot of attention to detail. The goal of writing good sales copy is to keep them hopping from one sentence to the next. For every piece of information you want to nail them with at least 5 benefits. There really is no overkill to this.

When you deliver the sales letter... ALWAYS print out two copies. Bring one with you to the closing table so there is no mistake about what the prospect is getting.

Flip it aroud for your prospect so they can see what your talking about. Read off your own copy and using your index finger... point out what the prospect is getting - outlining each benefit.

2. Body Modeling
We talked about how to model your body posture on our recent podcast. If your prospect is excitable you get excitable. If they are talking slowly then you do the same. You can even match their breathing rate so you are reaching the same tone. This is going to help you, "slip under the radar" and get into the prospects mindset...... IT is at this level of communication where things can begin to move and shift.

You can begin to introduce scenarios into the picture at this point on what life will be like once your prospect experiences your products or services......

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