Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dreamweaver Users: Beware You Don't Get

"DREAMWEAVER USERS BEWARE: You Must Be Careful You Don't Get Blacklisted"

A friend of mine recently had his entire site blacklisted from the search engines. He managed to overlook a very simple and basic mistake on his pages. When he was copying and pasting his text into his web page he forgot to change the color on some of it. This type was the same color of his web page background color.

Can you guessed what happened next?

This resulted in his web pages looking like a SPAM attempt to trick the search engines with hidden keywords. Worse, because the hex numbers were the same he did this one three of four of his pages. This can actually happen to anyone.

Using Microsoft Word is important when you check your spelling and its also a great tool for gramatical errors. But when you copy and paste directly into a Macromedia Dreamweaver page you got to make sure that the type and the background color differ in contrast. If you fail to do this you are looking as if you are trying to pull one over on the search engines.

"Bad Magic Hat SEO Has Earned Its Name a Name For a Reason"

Up until just a few years back, (although it seems a lot longer) there were all sorts of "tricks" like this -- mini keyword stuffing being one of them. The search engines blew up and drew a firm line in the sand that nobody was to perform these unsavory tactics in order to get high search engine rankings.

Then of course is the issue of link farms..... etc.

Now, my friend made a very honest mistake. But in a heartbeat his site tanked from view in the search engines due to a very minute detail. And it can happen to anyone. Working under tight deadlines and staying up late at night its easy to miss one or two critical details.

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