Saturday, December 16, 2006

INDIA SEO FIRMS: Grabbing The Spotlight

Where Is All The Good SEO In America?

Another week of great innovations. Just this week it was mentioned on that a brand new technology www.facebook is being valued at a phenomenal 8 billion dollars! Now the owners of this new community based software made a statement this week that they were not interested in selling.

There is a buzz among the tech circles that the bubble is here again. In fact, there is a lot of confirmation of this going around. The Wall Street Journal is talking about how retro dot com business plans can be purchased. In fact, they also claim that these far fetched ideas may actually work this time. This is due partly to the maturity of the interactive market.

All of this sounds fantastic. But why is it that so much SEO work is being shipped overseas? The two SEO firms that advertise with the journal are actually farming this work overseas to India.

Why are so many CEO's in America still in the dark about the new wave of internet marekting? What are these companies waiting for?
Ted Cantu writes for the FASCUBE Network and lives in Walled Lake Michigan. He has mastered five metropolitan markets including Chicago and New York City.

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